Our Mission - To put Yorkshire on the Map. Showcase the best of Yorkshire to a London Centric and South West orientated government. From Leeds to York, Sheffield to Barnsley, Doncaster to Wetherby, Hull to Huddersfield, Halifax to Bradford, Selby to Goole and all of the towns in between. 

To provide local information on festivals and events. Boost the local economies of towns and cities by promoting and marketing small businesses. To connect and help vulnerable people in the community by creating a strong pro-active social media team. Improve networking for local business start ups. Create political debate and report on factual evidence. 

Provide sporting, current affairs and business news.

Our unique site utilises social media to attract business and tourists to our town. We advertise local business across a variety of social media platforms to get your brand and local business advertised across Selby and the surrounding areas.
— Yorkshire Everyday Team

What We've Achieved

  • Providing 24/7 advertising methods and strategies for local business's across Selby.
  • Dedicated social media shouts for local businesses
  • Contacting prospective clientele for local business and expanding their clientele databases.
  • We using specific site analytics and direct users to your business website / social media site
  • Reaching a larger network across Yorkshire, attracting people to the town.
  • Using Twitter, Facebook and instagram and promoting local business via these social media sites
  • Hosting Selby's first business spring awareness meeting in March 2014
  • Working in partnership with Selby College to attract the best students into the town via shopping, socialising and part time work
  • Linking business to business, relationships and face to face marketing to increase profits for businesses. 
  • Helping to create promotional material for local business, designing flyers, leaflets, business cards, menus, e.t.c