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Mcdonalds to pay staff upto £10 an hour


Mcdonald's is giving its staff their biggest ever pay rise in ten years. This comes after 0.001% of its UK staff went on strike last year. It seems as though the effect of the strikes has affected the new rates of pay for staff. 

As of 22nd January staff aged 21- 24 will earn up-to £9.95 an hour and staff aged 25 + will earn up-to £10 an hour whilst admin, and shift running staff can earn up-to £11.25 an hour.


According to the Mirror Online, ''One of the employees who went on strike last year, who falls into the 21-24 category and has asked to remain anonymous, said in a private Facebook post: "WE WON THIS. Biggest pay rise for 10 years! If 0.001% going on strike can win this imagine what more can do!"

The fast food workers who took action were at the time represented by The Baker’s, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU). A representative for the union called the strike a "historic step", that it would give employees its full support, and had previously seen a ballot of 95.7 per cent in favour of striking.

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