Connecting the people of Yorkshire

Thousands turn out to see Jeremy Corbyn in York..


It's not something that will be shown by main stream media. Yet the popularity of Corbyn is clear to see on the campaign trail this week. Thousands of people are flocking to his general election rallys.


St Helens square in York this afternoon was completely packed that people had to stand into Coney Street and further into Picadilly.

York is a fairly strong seat for Labour with a 6,000 majority over the conservatives.  

Policy announcements included a national education service which will allow people at any time of their life to attain new skills for free. To upgrade their skills. This will people to join further education at any point in their life and progress in the ever changing digital and robotic economy. 

Jeremy spoke for over fourth minutes without any notes, other policy announcements included re-nationalizing British railway franchises and to end Rip off rail fares. To rebuild trains in Britain which will create highly skilled jobs for British workers. 

He spoke alongside Yorks Mp Rachael Maskell who has served faithfully in Jeremy's shadow cabinet. 

Loud chants of Corbyn echoed around the square. 

 - Free parking for all staff and visitors at hospitals 

- To tackle obesity and encourage healthy eating and exercise for all children 

- A new regional northern investment back to create jobs for the North and provide funds to small businesses

- To protect the triple lock on pensions  

- To negotiate the best outcome for Brexit though co-operating and bargaining... Protecting British Expats across Europe and the three million EU workers in the UK with strong focus in remaining part of the single market and avoiding tariffs on the trading of goods

- To properly fund the armed services. The Tories have reduced funding and cut front line armed forces from 111k to 82k 

- To train 10,000 new police officers across the U.K. To tackle cyber crime , violent crime and improve street presence in high crime areas

- To properly fund the NHS, social care and mental health services via a tax on private health products and increase in tax on the highest earners in the country

- A full clamp down on large and small corporation tax avoidance  

- Investment in green and renewable energy will will create tens of thousands of new jobs across the country  

- To end rough sleeping by 2020 through community, council, local and national methods, linked in with new community houses to help the homeless with education, health, finding work and progressing in life 

 - To re-instate the nurse bursary so that nurses do not live on the breadline whilst training

- To re-instate EMA for young people wanting to continue in Further Education  

- To re- nationalise Royal Mail  

 - Give tax relief to businesses who help train staff and allow staff to gain qualifications 

- To immediately start house building, 100,000 new council houses per year to end lengthy waiting lists

- Protect disabled benefits

- Create innovative business hubs and spaces across the U.K. where entrepreneurs to meet and discuss ideas  

Other policies were discussed and will be available tomorrow.. 

All policies will be properly funded and released in Labours election manifesto tomorrow. 

Jeremy focused much of his speech in York in creating a Britain where everyone can lead richer lives. Where young people are not held back by a mountain of debt and can afford to study and get on the housing ladder. He stated if we relieve the pressure on young people this will also ease money worries of their parents and grandparents whose have to support their children well into their 30s...

The current system holds many people back, it makes life harder for people, it doesn't have to be this way. 



Several people have made comparisons between Theresa Mays visit to York which shut out local press...  



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