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Regrexit; A great british fiasco, as only 28% of leave voters think the UK will get a good deal.


A recent study by professor John Curtice has now found that 52% of those questioned said that Britain will get a bad deal from Brexit negotiations up from 37% in February. 

It found further pessimistic views from leave voters as only 28% of those who voted leave thought Britain would get a good deal. This fell from 51%. 

Of the 2,200 voters asked 62% thought the conservative government were handling negations badly. 


The results find that there is a growing disappointment within the country from voters on both sides of the argument. 

Professor John Curtice said voters are seemingly blaming the British Government for the poor handling of the Brexit process itself. This comes after a tough few weeks for Theresa May who has had several problems within her cabinet and come under increased pressure to sack her foreign secretary Boris Johnson. 

The study funded by the economic and social research council found that the balance of results are all negative towards the Brexit procedure and its eventualities, it also made conclusions that the beleaguered government was an important part of these pessimistic views. 

Furthermore David Davis has now come under extreme fire after he has revealed that the conservative government has not carried out any risk assessments of leaving the EU after telling the commons and public. David Davis is on record 8 times stating the assessments were being carried out. He is now being accused of deceiving voters and other members of parliament.

This is a growing story and could have serious repercussions for Theresa Mays government.

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