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Attempted knife raid terror at Selby Subway


Police are calling for witnesses after an attempted knife point raid in popular food outlet Subway on Gowthorpe Selby.


On the 22nd January at approximately 8:30pm a white male said to be aged between his mid twenties and mid thirties demanded cash whilst weilding a knife. However the customer service worker denied the demands and perpertrator left the shop empty handed.  

Police are asking for people to come forward who may have seen the man entering the sandwhich shop.  

Police have stated he was wearing a black scarf over his face with a beanie hat. With a black hooded top over his head. His other clothes were all black in colour, however he wore white trainers.  


Police are asking for individuals who whitnsessed the event or may have seen the man leaving the scene to call the police on 101 urgently.

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