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Richmond walk and book festival - get cheap tickets now

We have a choice of three guided walks each day around Swaledale and Wensleydale, varying in length and difficulty, as well as Town Walks around Richmond.

As usual we have a mix of favourite walks around Swaledale and Wensleydale from previous festivals plus new routes including a 5-day Wensleydale Medley. There is a choice of three walks each day, varying in length and difficulty, as well as the ever-popular free Town Walks led by local experts, so there should be something to suit everybody.

We have a variety of authors speaking about their work including, among others, Professor Joann Fletcher, renowned Egyptologist; Brontë expert Juliet Barker; John Bevis, author of a new book on the Keartons, nature photography pioneers of Thwaite and Chris Mullin, former Labour MP, talking about his new memoir, “Hinterland”.

New features include a talk from Little Toller Publishers who have reissued exquisite editions of classic nature writing; Local Author events in Castle Hill Bookshop, a Writing Workshop and a Poetry Open-Mic.

For details, times and locations of walks as well as venues for book events, see or contact the Ticket Office at Castle Hill Bookshop, Richmond, 01748 824 243, email:

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