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Now Brexiteers have control what next??


Last week Boris made a visit to Selby with Nigel Adams MP for Selby and Ainsty. He made a riffling and strong if not mumbled speech in the market square, saying ''We will take control, lets take back control''.  But did he really believe what he was saying?

Now the vote is over and the British public have spoken the electorate want to know what will happen in the coming months? To sum up the aftermath so far, things haven't gone so well for the leave camp. Anna Soubry Conservative MP for has said that she was bemused throughout the campaign as to why Boris was opposing Cameron to leave the EU. She expressed every-time she quizzed him on his previous positive EU stance he stated, ''Everything will be alright'' Word in the commons is that Boris did not expect to win the EU referendum. So now the country is poised in a stalemate, our prime minster has resigned.

It is predicted we will have a new PM in place in October. In regards to the Labour party the shadow cabinet have all turned on Corbyn and single handedly blamed him for the remain campaigns lack of strength and direction. 

Nigel Adams has stated that he will support Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as the next prime minster. However is this what the country wanted when they voted for Brexit? Did they want Cameron to resign and the shadow cabinet to dissolve into chaos? Many would suggest not. There are suggestions that there will have to be another general election soon. Never before has a prime minster who has won a strong second term had to resign into a year of serving. We are living in historical moments which will be talk about for decades if not generations to come.

Today there is a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn and the results will be announced at 5pm. However Corbyn and his supporters united last night as over 10,000 people attended a rally in parliament square to support the leader. 

Corbyn spoke from an open top bus last night with veteran Mp Dennis Skinner who voted to leave the EU. This rally was arranged in less that 18 hours.

Corbyn spoke from an open top bus last night with veteran Mp Dennis Skinner who voted to leave the EU. This rally was arranged in less that 18 hours.

Putting party politics to one side. The country now needs strong leadership, it is certain to say that David Cameron who stood wearily outside downing street and announced his resignation last Friday will be consigned to the history books forever as a political disaster who have single handedly broken up and divided our great nation. The conservative party and labour party are both in a state of chaos. Whilst the Liberal Democrats have stated they will protest to allow the UK to still be in the EU. The only political character to have shown any real leadership in recent days in Nicola Sturgeon. Some may say Corbyn has been courageous as he sacked Hilalry Benn at midnight as he swamped the coup led by Benn.  

Since Brexit was announced the markets have crashed billions have been wiped off the stock markets. Morrison's and Asda's shares have been hit whilst Britain's leading building companies have lost investments. But what does this really mean? It means that with instability in the economic climate investors will halt investments into the UK's market. The £ to Euro is now at the levels of the 2008/09 banking crisis. In airports across Europe you can only get 0.98 Euros per British pound. The pound to dollar ratio is at a 31 year low. The current climate was predicted by economists, the remain campaign, the bank of England and leading financial institutions. However the British Public ignored these sound warnings.

Over the past few days we have heard a multi-tude of leave campaigners and voters backtrack on their vote and stating that they wish they could re-vote again. This may be due to the leave campaigns four pledges falling apart post Brexit. Former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie has stated he wishes he voted remain. Not every leave voter will have changed their mind, however with reality settling in, many have questioned if leave was the right decision. 4 million have now signed a petition to re-run the referendum so that a more informed debate can take place. Wether this is democratic or not leading politicians such as Ken Clarke, Jeremy Hunt, Tim Farron and David Lammy have stated they would support a re-run of the referendum. 

The main emphasis of the leave campaign was reducing and controlling EU immigration whilst promising that 350 million could be spent on the NHS a week as funds are returned from EU. However Ian Duncan Smith who spoke on the Marr show had to admit that this would not happen. Nigel Farage has stated that this was not one of his promises, yet both Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson travelled around in their big red bus promising this to the British electorate. 

Selby voted leave with 30k votes as opposed to 20k remain. In the most affluent surrounding areas, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, York and Harrogate voted remain, whilst Doncaster, Hull, Sheffield, Barnsley, Scarborough voted leave. 

Nationally there have been a spate of racist and xenophobic attacks across the country. We as a media outlet would like to express our feelings towards immigrants who have boosted our local economy and say thank-you you are welcome in the town of Selby. As the national mood and spirit hits rock bottom the country needs a strong government and opposition to move forward. Our country is deeply divided  and the political rift amongst friends, family members and communities will take a long time to heal.

There is now an ere of incredible uncertainty. Scotland are set to push for a second referendum to leave the Uk, Northern Ireland are seeking advice how they can stay. As is London, Brighton, Manchester & Liverpool.

The leave campaign's hook line was TAKE CONTROL, yet since Brexit there is a total lack of any control whatsoever. Has Boris put political gain above his apparent favourable thoughts on the EU? Have the British public being sold a lie about Brexit? We'll let you decide... 



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