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ELECTION RESULT SPECIAL: 135, 641 residents voted for the North Yorkshires Police & Crime Commissioner

Labours Candidate Frontline firefighter Steven Howley battled it out to be the new police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire but was pipped to the post by conservative candidate Julia Mulligan. Labours Steven Howley was only 228 votes behind Conservatives Julia Mulligan in the Selby vote. However across North Yorkshire Howley received 44,759 whilst Mulligan received 65, 018


North Yorkshires results were one of the last to be announced across the country as the vote went to a second count.... As a total of 7,769 votes were rejected as the ballot could not be identified correctly and both labour and conservative candidates were neck and neck on second preference votes.

The local results for the Selby district are as follows

First round

Julia Mulligan - 5150 Conservative

Stephen Howley - 4922 Labour

Mike Pannett - 2253 Independant

James Blanchard - 814 Liberal Democrats

Second round

Stephen Howley - 844

Julia Mulligan - 842

Final North Yorkshire results for the Police and Crime Commissioner are as follows.

Julia Mulligan (Con): 65,018

Stephen Howley (Lab): 44,759

First Preference Votes

Steven Howley - Labour  - 34, 351 - Second Preference Votes - 10, 408

Julia Mulligan - Conservative - 53, 478 Second Preference Votes - 11, 940

7, 769 Rejected ballot papers.

North Yorkshire is now the only district to be run by a Conservative PPC, all other areas went to Labour. 

Janet Waggott , Police Area Returning Officer for North Yorkshire Police Authority and Chief Executive of Ryedale District Council made the announcement today (Thursday, 6 May 2016) at the results centre in Malton.

Congratulations to Julia on her new appointment. Today, she joins 41 newly elected commissioners across the country, which form part of a central service within the Police workforce. I look forward to working with Julia, as part of our commitment to deliver the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership, and also our partner commissioners to help them deliver their key priorities"

Congratulations to Julia Mulligan on her post.. 

Across the North of England Labour now control all mayor councils including, Manchester, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield, Doncaster, Chester, Bolton, Hull, and Huddersfield whilst Dudley fell into no over all control. The UKIP vote across the North both fell and increased in differing areas across the region having no major affect on any council however they won two seats on the London Assembly which will be controlled by Labour. In the South the conservatives hold most councils but Labour held its councils and increased its vote share across the South, including Exeter, Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge and Slough. Labour gained Worchester, Elmbridge whilst the Tories won back Peterbrough. The Lib Dems won over 30 seats across the country with the Greens winning seats but losing 3 seats across the country. The conservatives lost the most seats totalling at 49 whilst Labour lost 11. 


Labours Human rights lawyer Sadiq Kahn won the Mayoral contest in London with the highest ever majority recorded receiving 1.3 million votes. He is the first muslim mayor in the united kingdom. The campaign made world news as conservative Zac Goldsmith ran a racist & fascist campaign, which tried to segregate communities based on their ethnic background. he came under scrutiny for using images of 7/7 and sending racially motived campaigning material to ethnic minorities. Only 12% of London's population is muslim. This resulted in several senior tories speaking out against his campaign. the mayoral candidates backgrounds were worlds apart Kahn is a second generation immigrant who grew up on a London Council Estate and is the son a London Bus Driver. HIs counterpart was a son of a billionaire and married to the grandaughter of world bank owning family the Rotschilds. Zac Goldsmiths campaign was even disowned by his own sister who took to twitter to leave her remarks as soon as the campaign finished.  Kahns vote is now the highest vote ever recorded across any european country for a single person, beating the likes of the President of France meaning he has the largest mandate in European history. He has stated his policies will be to freeze London transport fares until 2020 ( which may benefit some of our readers who travel to London ) invest and build affordable housing across the city, invest in the skills of tomorrow to produce a skilled british workforce, providing extra training and apprenticeships for school leavers and to support small businesses across the capital. He has also said he will seek strategies to clean up London's air and overall champion every Londoner no matter what cultural or ethnic background they come from. 



Jeremy Corbyn the peoples champion, is Corbyns Labour on course for 2020 Victory as the tories u-turn after u-turn leaves the party in disarray..

Selby to be transformed by Project Clean Up, get involved