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NHS Dentist crisis in Selby

Selby is currently facing a dental crisis as not one of the Selby town centre dentistry practices are excepting new NHS patients due to working at full capacity. With new houses being built on the outskirts of Selby, such as Barlby, Staynor Hall, Monk Fryston and Brayton, the local district council and our MP must address the situation at hand as the towns population grows. Lack of funding and investment in localised NHS dentistry is starving dental patients of any dental care whatsoever. Selby's dentist services are now worse than many parts of eastern Europe and other countries across the continent. Several of the towns dentists have waiting lists of new patients waiting to join running into the many hundreds. There has been a systematic lack of planning and funding by the district council who have been working to stringent budget cuts under the current government. Whilst patients who are seen by the towns dentists are reporting to receive a good standard of service, hundreds of Selbians are not receiving any treatment at all. 

We spoke to one resident who grew up in Selby for over 20 years, as they returned to Selby from university they now find themselves completely unable to register at any dentist in Selby. On needing urgent medical attention they called NHS direct 111, whereby they were advised that there were no emergency dental services available under the YO8 postcode. Having being given that information the resident called Selby war memorial hospital who advised them that there was an emergency dentist in Monk-gate York. Although it took the resident several days to get an appointment. Selby area residents are now having to travel into other cities for dental care or stump up local private dentistry fees whereby a patient can pay over £50 just for an initial check up prior to receiving treatment. 

Mandy Harrington a resident from the near by village of Snaith told us she registered with the Market Lane dentist just prior to christmas however since then Market Lane has advised the resident they cannot register their children there as they have now stopped seeking new in patients.

On behalf of Selby residents the Selby Everyday team have written a letter to both our local MP Nigel Adams and the local district council, we expect to receive replys next week. The people of Selby deserve better. 

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