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Selby pub hopes to become trendy wine bar with two floors

The owner of the Blackamoor Head in Selby a grade II listed building has submitted plans to the licensing authority at Selby District Council to convert the pub and first floor living accomadation into a sophisticated wine bar. 

The pub has recently under gone extensive refurbishment and is continuing to do so. The planning commission is set to be debated in January with an answer earlier next year.

The landlord is hopeful the planning permission will be granted as it will give the building the care and attention it needs in the coming years and restore the building to its natural beauty.

The submitted plans include three new skylights to be installed in the roof of the building, a new bar on the first floor and a suitable office to manage the business. It also included new toilet refurbishments and some inner moving of walls.

Selby has recently seen a surge in new restaurants and cocktail themed bars in the area and Blackamoor head is hoping to provide a new up to date wine bar for the towns residents to enjoy.

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