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The true cost of Brexit is starting to unravel and it isn't pretty

Britain alone in the midst...

Britain alone in the midst...

It is nearly four months since we walked into the polling booth on the 23rd June and cast our ballot. None of us truly knew the cost of Brexit and the real or if any impact it would have on our everyday lives. However as the weeks tick by there are very worrying trends that cannot be ignored. Many voted for Brexit to recover sovereignty, reduce immigration whilst thinking the treasury would have more money to spend on the NHS. Brexit is now forecast to cost over 66bn, far more than actually being a member of the EU would cost. 

Since Brexit....

- Treasury reports have estimated the withdrawal from Brexit will cost over 66 billion pounds with over 25bn being lost from the consumer market. 

- This week major supermarkets have stated that prices are set to rise. Leading fashion stores such as NEXT, H&M and Topshop have stated prices will rise as profit margins are squeezed. 

- The £1 sterling has fallen to a 168 year low. Meaning all of our holidays will be between £100 - £500 more expensive. Many families save scrupulously for one get away a year, when families now head to the bureau de change they will see the British Pound is no longer what is previously was. Since it was announced that article 50 will be invoked next March the pound has crashed and fallen over 18%. And it is the bankers and traders who are benefitting from this. 

- Small and large businesses are noticing the rising costs of importing goods. Market Stalls have had to increase prices on fruit and veg. The fabric and cotton industry is struggling as imported cotton is more expensive. The staples, of coffee and tea are set to increase.

- Counties across the country are worried that they will miss out on the mass of EU funded projects and local councils have written to the government to ensure the British government will be able to cover billions for planned EU projects in our mayor cities.

- Crime - There has been a 40% rise in hate crime across the country. Hate crimes in the work place and schools have soared. Whilst random hate attacks on UK streets are causing tension and worry for hard working British citizens. 

- Amber Rudd released a anti foreign stance of making companies compile lists of foreign workers. The speech was compared to MEIN CAMPF and the nazi sentiment of the 1930s.

- Large companies are planning to ship jobs to France and Germany. HSBS and JP Morgan are considering moving offices across the channel. Investments in Yorkshire have stalled. The Japanese government has sent a letter to the UK government expressing serious worry about the billions they have investment into the UK car and manufacturing industry.

- The Daily Mail and Express encourage and push further tensions, using words such as Bremoaners and Remoaners on their front pages. Forgetting that over 16 million voted to stay. And of the 17 million who voted out, polling is showing that of those who voted out over 36% regret their decision compared to 6% who voted remain. The country is divided yet they seek to dived the country even further. 

- We have cast aside our European partners in key sectors which is causing divisions in the  markets

All of the above is happening before Brexit has actually begun these trends suggest the future is looking bleak. Many families have had stagnant wages for the past 5-7 years, rising living costs will hurt those at the bottom. It was revealed in August over 16 millions Brits have less than £100 in their bank. 

For some non of the above will matter.  But for many it is the poor, those living on the breadline that will suffer. After the deep financial crash of the late 00s families were just beginning to get their heads above the water. The turbulent economy and rising costs to the weekly budget will push some families back into hardship.

Many people voted to 'TAKE BACK CONTROL' it is vastly becoming apparent that we are loosing all control. Hard Brexit is a very real reality, those on the continent will not do the UK any favours. Some may say it is in their best interests as we export 45% of our goods to their market. But Eu leaders will noy buckle under British pressure. Any EU country can veto Brexit if they do not agree to the terms. 

Week after week the Tories use the same statements, ''Brexit means Brexit' and '' We are following the will of the British people''. But in reality they have no answer to the situation. They tabled the referendum without drawing up any plans for the eventualities of Brexit. The PM and chancellor walked away in the aftermath leaving a Tory party in turmoil. Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke are pitted against the likes of David Davis and Jacob Rees Mogg. 

The key figures who stood on the platforms during Brexit for the leave camp have deserted their posts. Gove is consigned to the back benches, bumbling Boris is now making ridiculous comments regarding Russia and Syria in his new foreign secretary post. And some tories have reverted to 1930s rhetoric about foreigners. Stirring up more hate.

Nigel Farage  was very much the key figure of the the EU referendum and he has flown across the Atlantic Channel to speak at rallies for Donald Trump. The audacity of the man is beyond believale. This is from the man who said President Barack Obama had no business in giving his view on Brexit and interfering in British politics. However he now finds its okay to advise Donald Trump and stand on US platforms advising the American electorate on how to vote in a  presidential election. These actions show how truly abhorrent the man is. 

There has been a lot of emphasis on the Labour Party over the last couple of months, this has allowed the Tories incompetence to go unseen. However Jeremy Corbyn has now elected Sir Keir Starmer QC into the cabinet as shadow Brexit Minster who has had great approval ratings in his first week in office. Labour have put 170 questions to the conservative party. Labour have stated these questions need to be answered and prepped for. Because the 170 questions will be put to the pm as brevet negotiations begin. 

The Tories are now saying that they want FULL access to the single market, do they not realise that FULL access to the single market by European law must include FREE movement of people. Many people voted for Brexit because of immigration. To take back control of our borders. Many people advised those in the leave camp that Brexit will not close our borders and reduce immigration. But people did not listen. There are no signs of immigration being reduced. 

Ukip were the defining factor in the EU Referendum debate. It is therefore ironic that their new candidate Steven Woolfe had a fight in the EU parliament with a UKIp colleague. He received free medical care in a European hosptal thanks to still being an EU citizen,. It was reported his two days in hopsital and treatment could have cost over 2000 euros if he had to receive treatment without being an EU citizen. 

We now have over nearly 2 million British Expats and travellers studying abroad not knowing how they will be affected. Peoples lives are on hold and in limbo. 

Brexit is going to be a very costly affair. But can the country afford this? Is this really what take back control meant? We now have a rampant government that thought it was okay not to debate Brexit in parliament. They thought its was okay to discuss the whole of Brexit behind closed doors. If this is what democracy, sovereignty and taking control means you can keep it.

It is very apparent that Brexit is flawed and has been completely mis-managed event by the current government. Most people just want a comfortable life with a good job. Brexit will put very real pressures onto the family unit once again. In the meantime we now have a government that has over turned a democratic decision by Leicestershire's council to refuse  fracking and a first policy announcement to create more 1950s style grammar schools which enhance social devision and seclusion in communities. 

Brexit does not even begin until March 2017, Unfortunately current trends are predicting a dark future out of the European market.

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