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Special Report: 1.6 million children starting secondary school Obese, with 4.2bn spent on treating obese patients


Research has shown that between 2006/07 and 2014/15, there were 1,654,894 children in England alone who are leaving primary school and starting year seven – the first year at secondary school overweight, according to research by Cancer Research UK.

England and the UK has now become the fattest nation in the continent of Europe and an unfit nation is therefore pilling an immeasurable amount of pressure on our NHS and other health services. 

The figures for Yorkshire resulted in 90,000 children being obese in year 6 of primary school. Cancer Research has stated that, ''It maps out a future of ill health for our nation. Our children are now the fattest in Europe. ''

The figures released today will cause alarm to many but it is now fact the UK has a severe obesity epidemic. There is not a one answer solution to this problem. There has to be a working partnership of schools and parents to ensure children are getting a healthy diet and efficient exercise every day. We now live in an age of fast food, takeaways, computer games and a culture of digital media which is adding to children eating unhealthy and idly sitting at home enthralled in activities which do not involve exercise. However the buck must lie with parents. It has been reported that some parents are unable to tell wether their children are over-weight. With these findings it is urged that parents seek health advice from their local doctors. All children should be eating a minimal of 5 fruit and veg per day. However healthy eating is not the be all and end all, exercise is vital for children's physical and psychological development. Not only is obesity an health issue it can have severe psychological effects on children development that can lead to ill mental health and low self esteem in later life. 

Over recent years, advertising agencies across the UK have buckled down on fast food adverts to children due to government pressures to reduce obesity in children. 

Forecasts for 2020 predict that 8 out of 10 men will be obese whilst 7 out of 10 women will obese. These figures are truly shocking. 


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