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Killer Clown craze sweeps Selby, York and Leeds! We want to hear from you...


There have been several reports over the past couple of days of youths and young adults dressed as killer clowns across the region. 

Last night there were reports that clowns were causing a nuisance across the Flaxley Road Estate in Selby. Several residents reported to be terrified. Unsubstantiated reports have stated the clowns had knives. Some residents have said that clowns had been knocking at their doors late in the evening of Monday 10th October. 


The controversial craze has recently hit the headlines as it takes hold of the UK. More serious reports have involved killer clowns carrying knives whilst jumping out onto cars and some reports of physical assault.

We want to hear your views, is this just harmless craze in the lead up to Halloween? Or does it resemble something more sinister, could it be related to the Purge craze which was an American horror film. 

If you have anymore details about Killer Clowns terrorising your neighbourhood, village or town we would like to hear, if you have any pictures please send to

Whilst this may only be harmless fun to some, communities should take care and look after vulnerable people in the communities as they are most likely sought to be targeted.

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