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2 months on; Northern power house was nothing but a con and welfare lies...

Cameron and his cabinet knowingly lied to the country during entire election campaign

Cameron and his cabinet knowingly lied to the country during entire election campaign

The Conservative government has come under significant pressure to clarify when it knew the major planned rail upgrades in the North ofEngland  promised in their election manifesto would be axed. In the last week Network Rail have confirmed they they spoke to the Department for transport in March about the scheme having to be cancelled. This was four months prior to the election. And during that four months the public saw the unveiling of the Northern Power House slogan by Chancellor George Osbourne at several businesses across Yorkshire and the North. 

The Department for Transport (DfT) has refused a freedom of information request from the BBC to release a document commissioned before the election to show ministers the scale of delays and cancellations on investment and development connections to Yorkshire and Manchester. This comes as labours leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn has pledged vast investment for the Norths railways and to return the railways to public ownership to reduce crippling costs for commuters. 

During the election campaign Cameron also proceeded to avoid where the 12 billion of cuts in welfare would come from. In a live television debate On BBC 1s question time, Cameron clearly stated their would be no cut in child tax credits, this was a blatant lie, as they have now been cut.  Furthermore the re-branding of a living wage is actually a pay cut for millions of households! In 2010 the conservatives stated the national minimum wage would rise to £7 by the end of 2014, this did not happen! Now George Osbourne has said that he proposes a 'living' wage of £7.20 to come in from April 2016. This is way behind his original schedule and is infact not a living wage! The ifs states that a living wage in London in 2016 would need to be £9.50 and across other areas £7.70 - £8.45 Cameron's government has moved the goal posts on the living wage! And this has obviously being celebrated across the right wing press, with headlines a such as, " Britians getting a pay rise". When in actual fact any family with two children and a single parent, would receive an extra £400 by the rising of the minimum wage, however in real terms they would lose £800 in working tax credits therefore be -£400 in their family budget per month. The conservatives changes to welfare leave millions worse off.

The conservatives are also slyly scrapping the child poverty act brought in under Labour, they are changing the way that child poverty statistics and measurements are used. This will help them manipulate effective results on child poverty reduction during their parliament! There is a cross party consensus of Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrats who oppose there manipulation of statistics. This comes after Ian Duncan Smith has failed and covered up deaths caused by the bedroom tax and disability cuts during the last parliament. 

And finally, the fox hunting ban as being put back on the agenda under Cameron showing once more that his stance of the UK electorate sides firmly with those 10% at the top. Over 500,000 people have signed petition to not repeal the fox hunting ban. This of course has been ignored by Cameron. 

As Cameron continues his plight of working for those at the top of society latest statistics from the office of budget responsibility have revealed that productivity in the UK has flatlined for the last five years and that we are falling behind our European counterparts. Wages are still lower than the pre- recession crisis six years ago. Cameron just clearly doesn't get it, he hasn't built housing, he isn't investing in infrastructure. Yorkshire is set to suffer 1,500 job loses with local closures to coal factories in our area and the only MPs who are visibly campaigning against these cuts are Yvette Cooper and former Selby Labour MP of three terms John Grogan.

The disparity of poverty and wealth distribution across the North and the South is now at its highest ever recorded, City executives in London are recording pay rises of 23% - 48% in the last financial year 2014-2015 whilst public sector workers have seen a freeze or measly 1% rise in their wages. 

So, overall in the first two months of his final term in office David Cameron has set out his vision for the future and for the people of Yorkshire and the North of England it is quite clear he is following in Thatchers foot steps, mass investment for London and the South and Northern Powerhouse con for the North. 


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