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York bus explosion causes midday mayhem


Close to the old Fibbers venue on Stonebow York a city centre park and ride bus caught fire. The bus driver warned people to get off the bus due to smoke appearing from the back shortly after the back end of the bus erupted into flames after a deafening bang.

Carly G tweeted us and told us that there was lots of smoke and a loud bang which was terrifying however the people on the bus made it off safely.

Acomb fire fighters attended the scene and tried to control the mass of flames for over 35 minutes. It is uncertain still how the explosion happened on the electric bus. There could be a possibility over over heating. 

The road on Stonebow was closed up until 2pm but has now re-opened to motorists and pedestrians alike. Any eye whitnesses can contact us

If you suffer from asmtha or breathing problems it has been advised that you stay away from the Stonebow area due the mass of toxic thick smoke which was produced during the fire.  

Update to come later... 


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