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Faster broadband for rural areas in the Selby District

Selby MP Nigel Adams and  BT director of New Generation Networks, Bill Murphy met to discuss super fast broadband being rolled out across  the Selby District.

Newsholme, situated between Howden and Wressle has suffered from slow download speeds for many years. However after years of poor internet connection the village can now enjoy fibre optic broadband with high speeds of more than 20Mbps.

As reported in the Selby Times in July 2014, many local businesses and residents described life as a burden with restricting internet services. Many people could not work from home nor respond to emails quickly and browsers often timed out due to poor connections.

C R Wright & Son a local farm are thoroughly delighted with the results of the new faster broadband interchange speeds that they are now receiving. Previously the farmers could not use skype or any video playback online, thanks to the meeting with New Generation Newt works they are connected to faster connective network in the village.

Farmer, Matthew Wright, (23), was pleased with the new speeds and can now rely on fast internet to run his family farming and christmas tree growing business.

He said: “After a long wait fibre optic broadband was finally activated in our area, our download speed is now 22 times faster. “This allows us to develop our online presence further for our christmas tree side of the business by being able to make better use of different social media platforms.

Mary Porter a retired florist told us that it is great that she can now contact her family and speak via skype.

Mr Adams said that the meeting was arranged to discuss the “not spots”  for the areas and homes that were not connected to Superfast Broadband. Technical and financial challenges were discussed to eventually enable 100 per cent availability across the region.

Mr Adams stated that “This is very rapid progress, having made the case for the investment I am delighted to see the progress made. We have now reached the initial target of 90 per cent availability.

 Tadcaster, Whixley, Whitley and Monk Fryston are ear marked to be the new beneficiaries of the lightning fast speeds as the plan is rolled out across the region.

The project has been managed by Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY) - part of North Yorkshire County Council - and evolving technology has helped enable coverage to reach 90 per cent. Over 93% coverage has now been reached over taking the initial target set by SFNY.


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