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Selby door staff to give breath tests to customers

(via York Press) Door staff at a number of licensed premises in Selby have been given breathalysers to help curb alcohol-fuelled disorder in the town.

The thriving market town has a lively night scene with the introduction of several new venues in the last few months. North Yorkshire Police wants to help stop people who have had too much to drink from getting in to bars and clubs.

A spokesman said that while staff would still have discretion, a breath/alcohol reading of twice the drink-drive limit or higher could greatly increase the chances of someone being refused entry – and only those suspected of having already had too much to drink would be breathalysed.

The Blackamoor Head Pub stated that the even though drunken crime has fallen in the town over the last few years, the breathalysers will help aide the determination of wether a customer is to intoxicated to enter the premises/ 

Sergeant Carol Kirk of Selby Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves when they are out for the evening and not have their evening spoiled by people who lose control when they have drunk too much.”

Breathalysers have already been introduced in other places, including York andMalton.

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