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Selby rise in population could lead to a new school being built


The population of Selby has increased over the last few years with the building of new homes across Staynor Hall and Brayton. This has had a knock on effect for the towns schools and management of class sizes. Class sizes have broadly increased

Some Selby Schools are now at breaking point and Selby Town Council is now considering the building and planning of a new primary school to accommodate the increased population within the town. Research produced by Lloyds banking group confirmed that Selby is now a housing hotspot in the UK, with new house buys in the Selby area the 5th highest across the whole country. The rise in population means that local services have been squeezed. Whilst new residents are a boost for the towns economy and local businesses, schools have had to deal with their resources being stretched. With government cuts and added numbers to classes head-teachers and teachers have had to discuss how best to accommodate for extra pupils.

We spoke to one primary school teacher who told us that her class size has risen from 24-26 to 33 pupils within the last two years, the added pupils adds extra stress to the teachers who have to accommodate and manage extra children in the class. However she stressed that the standard of teaching had not being affected and examination results had slightly improved and all targets being met. 

Another teacher told us that she sees no problem with extra pupils in the class, i can teach either 10 pupils or 30 pupils, good teachers can accommodate for extra pupils and provide engaging teaching methods so that all the children receive a broad and vast education that they deserve.

Mrs Hallow 34, of Volta Street said that i welcome new people moving into Selby, its a great town and i can see why people want to move here. We soon have the new Leisure Centre opening and the great service this will offer will also encourage new families to move into their town. I think that government austerity and government cuts could hinder the education of children and that local authorities need to address this. 


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