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Here are the Speed Camera locations for Selby and North Yorkshire in the next week

Here are the locations of speed cameras up until the 17TH February 2015


A162 Sherburn by-pass      Fatality or serious injury

A19 Hollicars                        RiccallMotorcycle route

A19 Burn                               Community Concern

Stillingfleet Mine                 EscrickMotorcycle route

A19 Green Lane Farm        Riccall Motorcycle route

A63 at Cliff                          Community Concern

A63 Milford Hotel               Newthorpe Motorcycle route

A64 - Usually a marked silver Volvo S60 or purple unmarked Volvo saloon positioned half way down the dual carriage way catching cars westbound coming down Whitwell Hill or eastbound going to Scarborough.

A64 Westbound Tadcaster by-pass            Fatality or serious injury

A64 Eastbound Tadcaster by-pass             Fatality or serious injury 

A64 east-bound, Islington, Tadcaster       Fatality or serious injurY

A65 CLapHAM                                                  CoMMUNITY CONCERN

Church Lane, Wheldrake                             Community Concern

A64 west-bound, Street Houses, Bilborough              Fatality or serious injury

A64 west-bound, Wharfe Bridge, Tadcaster               Fatality or serious injury

Skipwith Road, Escrick             COMMUNITY CONCERN

A1 CatTERICK                                           Community Concern

Police using two telescopic cameras on roof-mounted mast, one pointing diagonally at each lane. Hard to spot from a distance. Location is as follows, just as you turn slightly left on to Catterick bypass after passing old RAF base with large hangars on right and turn-off for Catterick (A6136).

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