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Special Report: Residents DISGUSTED as Medieval site at Staynor Hall from 1689 is demolished


It stood for over 320 years in the medieval moated enclosure next to Abbots Road built by Baroness Walmsley, and now it is gone forever thanks to Persimmon Holmes development of new homes at Staynor Hall. The initial plans submitted by persimmon homes stated that the old building would be reused and protected in their plans of re-development. This allowed the company to be granted the right to build homes. However the building has been destroyed.  Local residents have contacted persimmon holmes who have stated that they had trouble with tress-passers and squatters using the building so the only answer was to knock it down. Local residents were astounded to be woken by cranes demolishing the building which had graced the views from their homes for years. The building is now a pile of rubble.

We spoke to the Stephenson's who have lived on Abbots Road since the 1960s who stated, ''We are truly shocked at the developers knocking down an historical building with such haste. They have not told the residents, not put it to the people of Selby. Selby has a very vibrant historical past and that building was linked to Selbys heritage. We used to walk our dogs across the woodland and loved looking across at the house and watching the wildlife around it. It is so sad to see the developers demolish this, they come in with their big developments and have shown no care whatsoever for the natural landscape.'' People who are now born in Selby will have no recollection of the history in this area, i will be submitting a complaint to persimmon holmes. They should be forced to redevelop and rebuild the house as it once stood. I see the rubble still lies on the ground, so this could be done. 

James 38 said that, ''It is such a shame and to think of all of the people who have walked and lived in that house, to have it destroyed because permission say squatters were living there is just not on. Its a pitiful excuse, they should not be allowed to get away with it. I've walked my dog everyday morning and night for two years by the lane of the hall and never ever seen anyone other than children playing. I do not believe persimmon holmes and think that it is a fabricated lie.

Jake Halliday posted in the Selby past and present facebook group that "his anger is beyond pale'', he as invited people to join him in finding out who granted them permission to demolish the building. 

As reported in the Selby Times one resident stated that, ''It really was a beautiful building, and if it wasn't a listed building it should have been. It was shocking, one day it was there and the next it wasn't. 

Durham University Archaeological services carried out an extensive study of Selby in 2009 (Selby, North Yorkshire: Report 2251, August 2009 ) on behalf of  Holmar Property Developments. They discovered the points of interest: Stainer Hall, service wing for the Grange - medieval/post- medieval, Stainer Hall chapel - medieval, Stainer Hall - post-medieval and Ancient semi-natural woodland, oven and hearth followed by medieval drains.  The original development was acquired in 1257 and licensed to crenellate in 1365. The coucher book states it was a mansion house then rebuilt in 14th century by Gaddesby which was then sold after the dissolution. The original manor was built in 1360 by Gilfred De Gaddesby and the building in its current state ( now demolished ) was built in 1689. It is stated in several historical notices that it used to be a servants house of the Selby Abbey grange. 

On behalf of Selby's heritage and history, Selby Everyday is directly complaining to persimmon holmes to let them know that using the excuse of squatters is simply not good enough to demolish a building which is of such significance. We have contacted persimmon holmes  to let them know that the Selby residents will not settle until a report is released on why they back tracked on their initial promise to save the historical features of the hall. We also urge Persimmon Holmes to rebuild the house as originally planned in their development proposals. It is simply shocking for a company to think it has the right to demolish such historical buildings without discussing the effects and consulting with local residents. Selby town council have stated that if it was a listed building the developers would have had to put the demolishing plans to a committee of representatives from the council. A local labour councillor has stated how unhappy he is with the situation. Persimmon Holmes was granted the right to demolish by the local planning authority however residents and local people were not consulted. 

We urge all of our readers to send their views to and contact the local planning authority.

Join our petition in protest to Persimmon Holmes we would like to hear from you, please contact us on our Facebook Page -

A crane looms over the demolished house

A crane looms over the demolished house

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