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Yorkshire and the Humber to be hit worst by Tory tax credit cuts


It has been revealed that Yorkshire families will suffer the burden of tax credits cuts more than any other region across the UK. 62% of working families with children across Yorkshire will be hit by tax credit cuts. Six out of ten children will be in households who are set to loose £1,300+ per year from working tax credit cuts. A single working parent with two children will lose up to £2,000 a year.

The debate on tax credit cuts has come to crisis point in the last week and it set to be contended in the House of Lords as it has passed the vote in parliament with a majority from conservative MPs. George Osbourne has pushed aside fears from his own back benchers on the cuts being too servers on the poorest in society! At the same time Osbourne has cut inheritance tax and corporation tax for those 1% at the top.  

Gingerbread charity and policy review of single parents and equal families have expressed their fears that single parents across Yorkshire and the Humber will lose £70 - £80 per week, on the BBC Sunday Politics show.  

Supporters of the policy would suggest that this is a move forward to cut the deficit and stop the burden of subsidising a low wage economy! However under this government wages have stalled for six years and the low wage, low output, low skilled economy has surged. Cutting tax credits will not ensure employers pay a higher wage to their employees. 

David Cameron has come under repeated pressure after he denied that tax credits cuts would happen live on a BBC pre election debate in May.  

We would like to hear from local families who will be hit my the tax credit changes which will be due to come into place next April. 



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