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Grindr the app for men to meet men, i met my boyfriend in the army

We are not the gay capital of the North, Selby that is. You have to travel to Leeds or Manchester to find that. However you can still meet guys. The App Grindr allows you to search for like minded guys to chat, meet or date. We spoke to Lance Corporal, Bradley Sidden 27 from Hull who contacted us about his story. 

I had just joined the territorial army at the time and joining as a gay man i did not know what to expect. It was August 2011 when i had just settled into the barracks. I knew that there were lots of gay men in the army as friends told me before joining. One Saturday evening I was on my android phone and thought i would download Grindr some of the lads were on leave as some left at weekends. I had the app back home in Hull, but had deleted it not excepting to meet a future partner whilst in this new period of my life. When i had downloaded it, i was amazed to see several of the lads from the barracks online. One was listed as only 103 feet away, i can remember this clearly. So i started chatting to some of the lads.


The next morning i felt so much more at ease going to breakfast knowing there were several other guys like me in the Barracks. Three years later and i have been with my boyfriend whom i started talking to the same evening i downloaded Grindr. It was a great way to meet not only my boyfriend but my best friend. At weekends we go to football together and during the week we often see each other at work. Without Grindr i don't know if i would have managed to meet anyone. From then on there was so much banter during training and exercises it actually made my time training so much easier. I am now engaged to my boyfriend and we are set to marry in the summer of 2016.


So if you at a loss on how to meet other gay people in Selby or the surrounding areas, its easy and simple, download Grindr, make a profile and send a message. You can do it in minutes. You can list your age, name with a picture, write a short description about your interests and what you are seeking. For people who are not out as gay you can make a profile and leave it without a picture and only send your picture to people who you would like to see it. It sounds complicated but it really isn't. The great thing about Grindr is that is shows you how close people are, for example, a mile away for a few metres, meaning its a great to arrange to go for a drink to a local pub, you don't have to travel to Leeds, Manchester or anywhere else. 


I hope i have managed to reach some readers to help them. Please share to your friends. There are also other apps including Scruff which is primarily just for masculine men and Tinder. 


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