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Selby Wildfire Centre is rescuing these adorable baby hedgehogs

 VIa: Kate Liptrot

Selby wildlife rescue centre is being inundated with these tiny hedgehogs as the winter progresses. It was unseasonably and unusually warm in the early stages of Autumn, hedgehogs had their second litter of babies very late in the season and have not had time to put on the necessary weight on to survive freezing temepratures.

Selby Wildlife Rescue has been taking in the tiny babies to help nurse them through the cold season.

Annette Pyrah, the sanctuary founder said: "Sadly the chances of a hedgehog weighing less than 650g and emerging alive next spring are almost zero. Some little hedgehogs being brought to us are the size of a tennis ball and weigh just over 200g. These youngsters will be with us for months and will need lots of specialist care and attention.”

Annette urges people to keep a lookout for underweight hedgehogs in their gardens and in the countryside.

Anyone who would like to help the hedgehogs can drop donations off at Low Mill, York Road, Barlby, YO8 5JP, choose an item from the rescue’s Amazon wishlist or visit the website

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